Tassie's first MMA bout

Tasmania is having it's first 'official'
MMA bout at the K.G.V. football clubrooms
on March 3rd. Its on a kickboxing/Muay thai
Any 'silent Tasmanians' should come along
and support the sport of MMA.
And for all you guys and gals on the big
island, if it can happen in Taz, it can happen anywhere.

Adam Newton.

Hey Adam, that's great. Who've you matched, and what are their backgrounds?

Ken D

wow that's great. maybe this is one step closer to having country wide laws for mma.

I will be there. This should be great.


they sound pretty evenly matched. it'll be interesting once things go to ground.

I've matched Luke Hearn, a Thai-boxer from Launceston who's had three fights, with Jason Burke a BJJ guy who's been training for about 18 months in Hobart.
We're using the Nevada rules, with the added rule of 'no elbows'.

Sounds good.

This is very historic, archive this one please. :)


Nz MMA is correct.


ttt for the expansion and growth of the sport.
Someone please post results when they are in

Cool, my girlfriend has lots of friends over there I'll try get them to go along