Tatami classic gold weave

Got any pics, bro? Maybe taken in the squat rack?

I'm glad everyone had a good laugh. Now does anyone actually have one of these gis and can you answer my original question? Phone Post 3.0

OP, I am not familiar with Tatami fits so I reached out online for some help.

I put your original post verbatim on Craigslist, hopefully there will be many many many men who be able to provide you with some valuable context.

Will keep you updated, wish me luck!

OP, you end up getting the gi? 5'6".....what is the shrinkage like? you spend more time on the top or bottom? pics?

TheHouse - I'm hard. Phone Post 3.0

Not as hard as OP's body.


Holden Magroin - This is one of the funnier threads I've stumbled upon.
Lol Phone Post 3.0

joe_mama - Bump.
Thanks for the bump, VU Phone Post 3.0

I'm still hard Phone Post 3.0

There were some great troll posts on here from a poster who's since been banned. Really antagonized the OP to a great degree: "Would you say you're devastatingly fit?" etc

Sober - Hey ninosboy, don't let these trolls get to you. This forum has really gone downhill...people are too busy being assholes to help anyone out.

I'd really like to help you out but am confused about your size description (as it is close to mine) and saying that you swim in an a2 as that is what I wear with no issues. So to clear up my confusion and in order to best help you, I'm really going to need you to post a picture (preferably nude) but definitely shirtless so that I can evaluate just how fit and muscular you are. Just an fyi, oiling your body up prior to taking these pictures best helps the scientific process. So yeah, once you get me that picture I can go ahead and help you out with an answer to your question. If you don't want to embarrass anyone with the thick, solid, tight nature of your rugged physique, feel free to PM the nudes. I really look forward to hearing from you
Second this.....waiting on PM's Phone Post 3.0

I think this thread ran him off the forum Phone Post 3.0

KenShamrockWOOOOO - I think this thread ran him off the forum Phone Post 3.0
I'd like to take initial credit for that. Phone Post 3.0

KenShamrockWOOOOO - I think this thread ran him off the forum Phone Post 3.0

He just posted in the "Awesome Gi!" thread...