Tattoo Art

Well Hi, I just got my scanner working properly and thought I'd try and get some pictures up here.

These are two pieces that I did recently.



cool shit. you did those?

Yup, I did those.

I think the guy was just really into trains, and the Cash portrait was really tough, but fun. That's more my thing is the photo realism, portraits and stuff like that.

I'm glad you guys like them, I'll post more as I get them scanned in.

I gotta figure out how to get the pics scanned in a bit smaller, these seem a bit fuzzy, oh well,


Use photoshop to resize the photos.

Skimmmmy - Thanks, I'll try that..still kinda new at this.

ferox13 - Cool! I would love to see more of DeadGirl's work. I like all styles of tattoo but I seem to gravitate more toward the black and grey stlye. I've always done pen and ink, and charcaol for most of my non tattoo artwork also.

I work at a shop in Western North Carolina, celebrating my 10 year anniversary tattooing in this town.

Getting ready to open my own place soon, hopefully before the summer.

all my tatts are black, for some reason i dont want to get anything in color.


I have a tat on my arm that was black until I tried to add color and it got all fucked up. What sucks is that it's light blue now and I heard light blue is a color that's really hard to have removed. I think one day I'll just get it covered.

MarioB, those are amazing. I see a lot of photo tattoos that come out looking warped but that Cash one is perfect. I wish I had that kind of skill. Here is my self inflicted tat, if a blue namer could help me.

img src=""

It's not quite as detailed as your work, but I think the message is still there. I worked very hard on it and endured quite a bit of pain.