Tattoo gallery

With all the tatt talk of late and me wanting to support one of my key sponsors, I thought I'd start a thread for this. COOP'S and Tony GREEN post yours too. I know Frank CORMACK has a killer tatt also.

GSW or someone that can help please email me so I can send my stuff to post here.


Well,J, mine still isnt finished yet, i had to change Tattooist, Anyway my new oone starts below my right nipple and ends up on my shin about eight inch above my foot. I think im going to give D-Man a run for his money, but my taste is much better :0

frank, you're saying odie from garfield isnt part of your tattoo? hehe

For Steveoco


it was a risk adding chun li but meh.

I don;t think the Subbie one is showing up unkie FU

Put mine and one of our forum friends up :)


Justin, been using the AB sculpter i see.

not that bad is it mate? I'm a cuddly 118kg ;)


Big Jim's a cuddly 118kg

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Entertaining match :P well entertaining for 30 seconds anyway.

while we're on jim, can we get a pic of his 'magician' tatt on here? hehe

and finally the prodigal son returns to the xfc website... in just the description i think suits me most... and to think all it took to get back was 12 hours of having needles stuck in my back! :p

Soa's 120kg, maybee Jim would be better matched against a fighter rather than a promoter?]