Tattoo Help Needed

Alright OG, looking for your help with a simple tattoo design incorporating the initials "TJS". Something small and relatively simple.<br /><br />BTW-I fully expect the typical OG hilarious responses such as a simple line drawing in Microsoft Paint that looks like a 3 year old scrawled it, and/or drawings showing a penis or some other gayness. Its cool, it is the OG after all. But please, a few serious responses would be appreciated as well.

Damn. You must really love Tajikistan.

Where you from?? Phone Post


Uhhh where is that exactly lol Phone Post

mathew10lb - Uhhh where is that exactly lol Phone Post

im guessing on google mapz Phone Post

Seriously, I'm originally from California but I havent lived there since I joined the military 21 years ago. Currently living in Montana.