tattoo thief

In this months "bizarre" magazine some bitch has sent in a picture claiming it's her tattoo, when in reality it's a picture of MY leg, and she's crediting some other tattooist. What action should I take on this guys?

yeah theres not much you can do...Unless she got some moeny for it, then I would get pissed and get the money

I'll have to check again to see if she got money or a prize or some shit

Yeah cause usually like the collector gets 100 and the artist gets 50 or somethin like that

If it was me I'd cry about it online

Contact Bizarre with proof it's your leg and artist.

"If it was me I'd cry about it online"

they have pricks on the tattooground now? ok...


ABC is right, they can print a retraction also.

cool, I'll do that then

If I were you I would be more upset that you have women legs!!

lol, I was waiting for that. Maybe she has man legs? truth is, the area in the photo was shaved prior to tattooing, as per usual