Tattoos in general

First let me say: I LOVE the intricate artistic detail of a nice tattoo. I drw my own and I am definitely a fan of good artwork.

Having said that....I always wonder when I see a tattoo on someone if it really means much to them personally..... or did they do it for fun..... or was it something done while they were ripped....or in the service.

I have a very meaningful one myself so I'm not ripping on anyone for having a tattoo, but I just wanted your individual takes on your own tattoos.

I liked them a lot better before everyone had them. Kind of like harleys and beeny caps. Seems like they used to be something you had to earn. Like you said, it had meaning. Now it's just a way for fraternity guys to look hard.

You had to earn a beanie cap? That's hard.


lol at earning a beanie cap, i think you analyze shit way to much.

Tattoos are the new Mullett

"Tattoos are the new Mullett" I actually typed that at first, but decided it would piss to many people off.

Earning the beanie. That could be new ranking system for American Jui-Jitsu. You would be hard if you earned your purple beanie in AJJ.

Nah, shaved head and Van Dyke is the new Mullet.

Spoken like a guy with tattoo's. Hehe.

Actually, I got it from someone on here. Wish I remembered who so I could give him credit.

I will never get a tattoo. It used to mean something for the minority of people who got them. Bikers, military guys etc. As Joe Rogan once said, "people with tattoo's are just conforming to non-conformity". How correct he is. Now that there are so many tattoo's out there, the only thing I want to get is one of those lazer removal kits. I will make a mint in the next ten years!

I have a shitload of Tats and all of them mean something to me and the way I live my life.I have the Japanese characters running down my forearm that say Loyalty,Honor and courage that is a creadance in which I live my life.I also have multiple suns in varoius locations which signify life without the sun we would have nothing living also a black koi fish which brings luck in japanese culture,I am not japanese but the Japanese people have a great culture and take alot of value from the land and what it gives to them and I adapted my life in somewhat the same manner.
I just thought I would share alittle with you,that there are people who have Tattoos and that do mean something to them and have something to do with there lives.
Thank you and have a nice day!

I've got a beanie tattoed on my head. Let me tell you, I earned that shit.

I agree with hendew...tats that mean something are worth inking if that is how you live your life. I had a neighbor who inked all of his kids names on his arms. It's the really the silly shit that most people end up regretting or getting removed. I heard that it's a lot more painful, time consuming (and expensive) to get them removed. I am considering getting one but have spent the last ten years contemplating and designing one that really means something.

Was down in Orlando a few weeks ago and walked by a tatoo parlor with the sign in the door reading "No minors unless accompanied by a sober adult." Fuckin' classic! I guess they had a lot of angry parents coming back there and asking wtf did you do to my kid? Made me laugh when I saw that sign.

I have my daughter's name in kanji on my arm as well as a couple of Japanese dragons in various locations on my arms.  They are all significant of fighting, martial arts and training.  I also have "victory or death" in chinese opposite my Japanese kanji. 

My problem is that once I get a tat, I have to balance it out with another one.  Symetry is a mother!

I agree with Hendew...mine means a lot to me as well....its hidden because its for also is something I'm very proud of for a multitude of reasons.

The unfortunate part is I had to hide it while I was a professional...simply because I didn't want my patients to have a lesser opinion of my professionalism because I had a visible tattoo.

Funny story: Once I got mine finished...the guy looked at it...then looked at me & said, "Ya like it?"....I said, " really came out nice".....He nods & jokingly says...."Welcome to're now officially a scumbag."


i have 3 and they all mean something important in my life

I am pretty much coverd. Have a friend who is a tatoo artist. Some have specific meaning, others are just incredible art work. I appreciate both.


Now that tattoing and body piercing have become passe...the truly hip AMPUTATE!

People will say...
"Hey man, where'd you get amped?"

"Oh, I had a medicine man take my arm while vacationing in a South American anesthesia...I just bit down on a piece of bark."

lol @ this thread!

I have a generally shitty family, 0 loyalty and no real sense of tradition, anyway, I cut them out of my life a few years ago, (what does this have to do with my tatoos you might ask).
well loyalty is a big thing to me and I wish for my family (soon to be wife and future kids) to have the sense of tradition that I lacked, so I designed a coat of arms, I thought real hard about it (3 years) and then had it tatooed on my back (it takes up the whole back).
I got my tatoo for me and I could give a shit about what anybody thinks is trendy.