Tattoos in general

I have 5 tats and really only one means something to me and that is my brothers name on my arm. the other 4 i could really care less one way or the other

To each their own.

I'm heavily inked. The whole process is addictive.

"Tattoos are the new Mullett"- that's pretty damn funny!

I started getting tats when I was in the military. I enjoy being tattoo'd and many of mine have meaning from different points in my life.

I like the color I've added to my body and I don't think that they are "mullet" worthy.

I've also earned my beanie!!!!!!!!!!!!1


I have two really fucked up one's on my left arm from when I was like 13. I tried to do them myself and basically look like crap. lol. Never any meaning behind them. I wish I didn't have them, although I had some people in the army said one of them looked like a gang sign from where he was from, lol. I have a caveman on my right forearm that is kinda cool, but has no meaning, I just liked it. I wish I was tatoo less, but I may someday have to shill out a fortune to have my messed up ones covered up.

theres nothing i like enough to tattoo on my body. seems like most people get em to look mean

Damn. I have a tatoo, shaved head, and a goatee. That's like 3 mulletts.

i usually just pick something off the wall or from a tattoo magazine, what ever looks really really tough i get!

I have two small chinese characters on my back between my shoulder blades(spine) just under my neck. You can't really see it because it's mainly for me. It's my year Rabbit and Destiny..pretty cool, imo.

I am wanting to get one of my grandmother name since she is the most significant person in my life and now suffers from alzheimers, it's to honorher but I dunno where or how to make it neat looking.

LOL@ I've got a beanie tattoed on my head. Let me tell you, I earned that shit.

ROFL@I have a tatoo, shaved head, and a goatee. That's like 3 mulletts.

Man! You are tri-mulletted! Honestly, I said it, but really, I think it suits some people. Similarly, shaved heads and goats.

i have 6 they all were something important to in my life at the time i got them, 2 are shitty but i will never get them removed or covered, and i designed 5 of them

I have one that commemorates an important event in my life. I thought for like 3 years about what it was going to be, and I came up with "concepts" I wanted in there (e.g. the shape, the animal, the words, the colours). However, I don't have an artistic bone in my body, so I asked my flatmate to design it, and she did, and I took it to the tattooist and got it done.

worst thread ever.