Tattoos warping with growth?

Here's the thing, I'd like to get some more tattoos, I've only got oneand it's on my shin, but someday I'd like to grow some muscles. If I got a tat on my arm or shoulder or across my back, then over the years grew to nearly average size would they warp? Thanks.

If it makes any difference I'm 6'4", maybe 185, and pretty low body fat right now. I would never (probably couldn't because of my frame/genes) want to get more than 210-220 tops.

It won't make any noticable'd have to put on a lot of weight in a short amount of time for you to notice any stretching.

Hi Joey,

The way I had it explained to me is like when you get an uninflated balloon with a logo on it - you can see the logo, and it's small. When you blow up the balloon, you can still see the logo, but the size of it has expanded. It hasn't warped or anything, just gotten bigger.

Same goes for a tattoo - if you grow, it'll grow with you.

The only exceptions are if you put on a LOT of weight VERY quickly - like what happens with women's bellies when they're pregnant. That can warp the shape of the tattoo, and also you can get stretch marks through it.

But the chance of your arm getting pregnant is pretty small (I HOPE!), so you'll be fine.

lol @ preggo arm

just make sure the character you get is skinny. as you grow bigger, so will he. kinda like those little sponge dinosaurs that grow magically when you add water.

I've always wanted to swallow one of those pills to see what happens. I bet it would suck.