Tavares vs Imanari 2morrow...

DEEP is having an event tomorrow with one of the fights being between Tavares and heel hook wizard, Imanari Masakazu. I'll go with Tavares by decision, although he better watch his feet. Whats your pick?

heck http://www.grappletv.com/dacrippler.htm for my breakdown of the fight.

Price of 1000 Leglocks baby!

Renato Tevaras from ATT?

Yes...Renato Tavares from ATT

Once again Renato is in INCREDIBLE shape, and EXTREMELY focused on this fight....he has been for weeks. I look for an explosive Renato to come out and avenge his last loss (to awesome UFC veteran Mike Brown) with a very aggressive style. This will be a groundfighting war.


Look for Renato to have his hand raised at the end of the night!


Go for it Renato!!! 

Steinerwear, first, I love your stuff. I've got the hats and shirts. But you sound way way way too in love with Renato. As you know, he's straight.

Good luck Renato!

American Top Team

LOL pjoness....I just cant help it....lol....Renato, Marcus, and JZ  really make it so personally fulfilling for me.....and I'm straight too....lol

As a former chiropractor, I liked treating patients....but I hated working & ultimately battling with insurance companies which took the enjoyment out of practicing....So for me, its really cool because now I feel so fortunate to be able to work with something I love doing & to work with the guys from ATT makes it even more enjoyable. To be able to personally see just how hard you MMA guys work....I just wish there was better standardized financial compensation for all of you.