Tax Freedom Day by state

I'm not sure how accurate the numbers are, but I thought this was kind of interesting.

Particularly, this map of the US that shows a ranking of which states have the lowest to highest overall taxes:

Without opening the links, I can tell you that California is at the top of all lists.

Kmonk - Without opening the links, I can tell you that California is at the top of all lists.

Good guess, but nope. Jersey and Conn tied for the top spot. Imagine living in Jersey and paying the highest taxes in the country while having to live in Jersey.


looks very close to a map of states by income. Makes sense.


Neat. The year is off a bit, but neat.

It's weird to me how West Virginia is pretty close to DC, yet doesn't have the high taxes and high income of MD and VA due to government contracts. The influence of Northern VA extends more and more outward each year, but seems to spread more down toward Fredericksburg VA in the south rather than the same distance westward toward WV, or even the counties in VA that are westward and closer to the metropolitan NoVA area than Fredericksburg is. And the difference between the taxes and income in WV is drastically different too. You don't see that kind of jump in difference between any other neighboring states.

An intriguing overlay of that would also be to compare school performance. I do notice that, having lived in the Southeast US, LA and MS are listed as the earliest tax freedom states, and ironically both also have absolutely fucking pathetic school systems. Having gone to high school in South Carolina, I can say it isn't much better either (it also has a very early tax freedom day).