Tax Sale: Conor Heun fight worn, Wand, Shogun,Jens

 Well its tax time and unfortunately I gotta raise some funds to pay Uncle Sam.  Wanderlei and Shogun SOLD pictures I got in Boston at the fan expo.  Both are framed.  $35 each shipped and insured.

 Jens Pulver Driven dvd $35 shipped/insured


^^^Really hate to get rid of these items. Can kind of see blood smear on one glove. More blood drops on gloves and a few spatters on shorts. The shirt is not the one Conor wore but is still one of only three made. Make me an offer on these items separately or as together. Will take PP or USPS MO to US residents only. Thanks.



ETA: This is from Conor's fight with Magno Almeida.

Interested in the Shogun Promo. Wont let me PM you. you can email me. esparzame (AT) gmail (DOT) com

How much do you need for Heun gear? Wont let me PM you either. PM me or email me at THanks

Ill send an email to you guys when I get home. Thanks! Phone Post

Would be interested in the gloves please PM me

pm me on the gloves too

PMs and emails sent.

Also if you cant pm me send me a friend request.

email me @

interested in the shorts possibly.

All PMs and emails replied to. If you didnt receive a reply from me let me know.

Shogun photo is sold!

Shirt and shorts are sold!

Gloves, Wanderlei photo, and Driven dvd still available.

UGCTT_5 for fighting - Gloves, Wanderlei photo, and Driven dvd still available.

. Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post

UGCTT_5 for fighting - Gloves, Wanderlei photo, and Driven dvd still available.

TTT. Somebody take these items off my hands.