Taxi driver drugs female passengers - Japan

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Taxi driver arrested after slipping female passengers drugs so he could watch them pee

Philip Kendall 3 days ago

A taxi driver in Osaka has been taken into police custody after it was discovered that he had given snacks laced with a powerful diuretic to as many as 50 of his female passengers and refused to let them exit the vehicle so that he could watch them squirm, and in some cases urinate, in the back of his cab.

Toshihiko Nishi (41) allegedly gave crackers containing the drug furosemide to his female passengers and then intentionally chose long and congested routes so that they would find themselves in desperate need of a restroom.

A 20-year-old woman contacted the authorities after she had ridden in Nishi's cab on the evening of October 29 last year. She told police that, soon after eating a handful of snacks that Nishi had provided, she felt a sudden urge to urinate.

She asked the driver to stop the car but he refused, and instead passed her an absorbent sheet, saying, "If you can't hold it in, it's OK to do it in the cab."

Police searched the taxi driver's home, and uncovered a stash of 120 furosemide tablets along with a collection of videos taken inside the cab, which showed women in tremendous discomfort and in some cases wetting themselves.

"I got a thrill out of watching women trying to hold it in," he told authorities, "I did it maybe 40 or 50 times."

Well, that's officially the creepiest news story of the year so far...



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I'm a juror in this case, I need to see the video in question for evidence. Anyone got a link to it? Phone Post 3.0

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What a jerk.

Wouldn't his cab smell like piss all the time?

How the fuck could anyone step in his cab?

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that's messed up.

Hey he could have given them ex lax laced brownies instead and watched the poo flow.  

At least he didn't give them snacks laced with roofies and rape them I guess.

The Japanese can be fucking weird. I could see the taxi driver asking the victims for their underwear and then letting them go long before I could see him raping them.

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