Taylor Sheridan appreciation thread

This guy has been putting out some killer shows/movies in the last few years and doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Here is some of his work:

Hell or High Water
Wind River
Those Who Wish Me Dead
Mayor of Kingstown

He also has 1883 (Yellowstone prequel with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill) in production.

There’s a lot of crap being produced these days, but this guy has been putting out solid entertainment and it’s hard not to be a fan.


True. He doesn’t seem to rest or fail.

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TWWMD was fucking awful .

Pregnant black female “survivalist”
going head up with 2 black ops killers .gtfo

Every other movie was great

Didn’t even know he was involved with that movie. Yeah… Not good.

Dude kills it. Very impressive resume.

RIP Hale