Taylor Swift @ Soldier Field Performance

I'm a fan.

I have a bigger ass than her and I'm 6'2" 200 pounds and ripped.

Pantz way too thick to show any toe.


i fucking hate how those high riding shorts are back in style....shoulda left them in the 80s/90s

BillyRayChubbs -

Pantz way too thick to show any toe.


I was looking really hard Phone Post

I'm amazed a chick with no a$$ get such attention.

Lovely and talented young lady.


And I dig the high shorts style. Maybe it imprinted on me in the 80s.

Tazemebro - Taylor Swift is a unique talent. She's well on her way to being the #1 female country artist of all time.

I agree, Patsy Cline came to my mind in Taylor's younger years. Phone Post

Soup Nazi -

I cant tell if its camel toe or a wrinkle in her pants but a man can pretend... Phone Post

This thread contains her best work so far as I know.

DennyBoii - I have always hated "high wasted" pants and shit on girls. So unflattering. Phone Post 3.0

10000000000% agreed Phone Post