Taylor Takata 2008 Judo Team

Taylor Takata a 7:15m of video 2004 Olympian Rhadi Ferguson wants to congratulate the 2008 Greco Roman Wrestling, 2008 Freestlye Wrestling and 2008 Judo Teams. Congratulations and good luck in beijing 

You have to go about 6:30 into the video before you see Taylor.

Wow, thanks for posting this video, hawaiibjj. You must know Taylor personally, huh?

I just hope that they show at least one o f his matches on sunday

wow!!! i have trained with taylor and he is unbelievably talented!

this kid puts one grip on you and you know its doomsday.

it makes me happy to see someone achieve such an elite life goal!!!

win or lose he is now in the highest echelon of athletes!!!!