Taylor turned down Ikeke again

Team Taylor was told that HBO was not happy by their choice of potential opponents for the Feb. 19 date, and I have been told that HBO told Dibella that they wanted Taylor to face Kingsley Ikeke on the Hopkins-Eastman undercard, but once again Team Taylor has declined to fight Ikeke and is instead possibly going with Troy Rowland or Daniel Eduard (sp?)

Daniel is an action fighter, but has never done much, but I do enjoy watching him fight. He has a couple of controversial decisions on his record as well.

Rowland recently beat Mendoza. Epifiano is another fighter that refused to face Kingsley on numerous occassions, but took the fight against Rowland and lost after he could not knock him out in the first few rounds.

This is the third time Ikeke has been offered by a network to face Taylor and all three times he has refused the fight. It was pointed out that why does Dibella call out Trinidad and Hopkins, yet they will not even face Ikeke.

This is becoming ridiculous as Taylor continues to face below average competition or faded fighters.

Ikeke is now looking for a new opponent for Feb. 19. They wanted David Lopez, but he got knocked out, so now they are trying to find another fight. But mark my words, if Eastman pulls out of the Hopkins fight do not be surprised to see Ikeke standing across the ring from Bernard that night.

ikeke would be a REAL threat for taylor

hes a huge middleweight standing 6,4,he aint that good just big and awkward

he does so well because of his size and being awkward and to top it all off hes a southpaw

i dont blame taylor for not wanting to fight a 6,4 middleweight awkward southpaw

If it comes down to Rowland or Edourd I sure hope the "Haitian Sensation" gets the fight.

Taylor-Rowland has snoozefest written all over it.

I actually think that Edouard might be able to test JT's chin early if he comes to fight like he did against Gibbs.

yea i hope they fight edouard,
hes a tough guy fosho and will test taylor

im not too impressed with rowland