TBA Level 2 Test

So after much deliberation I have decided to post the video to my Thai Boxing Association of America Level 2 test. The test happened at Pedro Sauer's Academy in Sterling, VA. Khru Bryan Mossey is an excellent instructor. He does a great job blending western boxing with Muay Thai from Ajarn Chai. The test was both challenging and fun.

Brooks, since I know you moderate this forum, I figured I'd let you know that I trained with Master Danny for almost 2 years at OSMA before Khru Mossey took over the Muay Thai program here. I know that you know both of these instructors very well. My sister actually fought at your promotion in February 2008, and I helped Khru Mossey corner at the last Operation octagon event that you refereed.

But anyways, here's the video, don't judge me too much as this was right after thanksgiving...


Was clinching part of the test?

 Matt is you honestly think that that is what muay thai is, then either you have been mislead, or are ignorant of the actual authentic art.  What you're doing is not muay thai.  I sincerely don't mean this as a "slam" on you because I can only assume you are doing what is asked/ what you've been taught.

IMHO never rip a student for doing what his school/trainer asks him to do...

Appears the "test" is applying karate school mentality to Muay Thai art...

Also a bit of the MMA "tough guy" conditioning idea at the expense of technique

But I'd like to see Bull elaborate more

I don't know if this test is an effective way to evaluate a student. It seemed like tough training but as a test I think there are some holes.
Congratulations on having the courage to post it and please keep us all up to date with your progress, I think that's one of the coolest things about this forum.

Keep in mind this is just a student test. My understanding of the TBA student level tests is that it's really just a display of heart. You work a few combinations on the pads to put your technique on display, and the rest of the test is just throwing x number of kicks and x number of knees in a round while the pad holder fucks with you.

Again, it's a student test. Think of it like watching someone test for their green belt in karate.

I think that's one of the criticisms
that this is Karate methodology passed off as muay thai.

Wow, there wasn't very many good responses. I guess not many of you believe in the teachings of Ajarn Chai. There was more to the test than what was shown, and as great white hype stated it really is to push you past what your limits are. Passing this is the minimum requirement to step into the ring.

I'm not sure what bull in chinashop is referring to when he says this isn't real muay thai, unless he means testing in general which I do agree with. I've always thought that the only belts you earn in Thai are the ones you win in the ring.

I have trained with a Lumpinee Stadium champion for almost two years before my current instructor, and with all the respect in the world to my old instructor my current one has helped my improve my muay thai game much more, especially in the clinch. Regardless of the lack of clinch shown in the video.

But thanks for responding and I'm just going to keep training and trying to get better

What are the folks in the background doing?

Im sure this guy did exactly what he was supposed to in this format. I am not a fan of this format.

Interesting vid. Though I am more influenced from a dutch based form of kickboxing, do some versions of the thai round kick, not rotate on the ball of the foot by design?

No disrespect, you look like you are dedicated and have potential. Ajarn Chai guys always seem to get super defensive when ever anyone brings this up, but there are no 15 or 18 count combos taught in the camps in Thailand. Proper pad work looks nothing like that, and in fact ajarn chai's style of Muay Thai looks much different than what I personally have seen during my yearly trips to Thailand.

There are much more productive ways to test a "fighters" heart than making them throw 60 sloppy kicks and knee 40 times in two rounds.

BTW, if you are referring to Danny, I'm sure you know he likes to exaggerate. His Lumpinee claims have been disputed, even by the local Thai community ... and he has gone as far as claim he knocked out Diesel Noi. Every taxi driver in Thailand claims to be a former stadium champ...

I am also not a fan of this testing...

I think Technique should be emphasized alot more...those rounds where everybody is counting and yelling...very sloppy IMO

  Fairfax Jiu-Jitsu's  Muay Thai fighter Hiro Perera and coach Matt Nielsen showing how it's really done. btw: this wasn't a test, this is just them screwing off after an hour and a half of hard training after we were discussing your vid.



I think you guys have the wrong idea, I've never been one to drink the kool aid so to speak, and I haven't now. I agree with a lot that you all are saying. I just posted a video, I wasn't necessarily saying that this is the best way to test a student. Was it challenging and fun? Sure. But that's what it was.

Of course there aren't any combinations of such a high number taught in many camps as you would never be able to throw such a combination in a fight. I believe that it is used as a flow drill and a way to show many different techniques to evaluate. We actually don't train these combinations, and certainly wouldn't use them in a fight.

I do however find it interesting that many of you seem to be very defensive about the whole premise when I was just posting a video. Relax.

Yes I do know Master Danny well, and I know he tends to exaggerate.

It's cool that many of you are local though, and since you all know the art of Muay Thai far better than me, I would certainly relish the opportunity to get some pointers from you. Perhaps you can hold pads for me in the correct manner and let me know how I'm doing.

For me, I just think the whole idea of "testing" in Muay Thai is the real problem. If you want to "test", then get into the ring and fight. THAT'S the test!

Matt OSMA - It's cool that many of you are local though, and since you all know the art of Muay Thai far better than me, I would certainly relish the opportunity to get some pointers from you.  
The first pointer would be to train with actual muay thai people. not someone who got their kickboxing credentials thru a "certificate" level x, etc., seminar etc.

Student: Flat footed, no power at all, no hip rotation, off balance, shies away from punches.

Pad holder: preset extended combos, holding pads at wrong angles, tells student to kick to he can kick their leg out, no productive interaction, no clinch

It's like a video showing what not to do.