TBA-SA Muay Thai Classic 2010

 Currently there are over 300 fighters registered for this year's Muay Thai Classic.  The LARGEST Amateur muay thai tournament in the United States.

The novice mens' divison is pretty much full except for the heavier weights, but there is still some room in the Class B and Class A divisions.  There is also a Ladies Open and Ladies Novice with spots available.  This close to the date, we closed off the brackets without fighters so anyone interested has to fit into the brackets left open.  The junior divisions have to match in age and weight in order to enter.

If you're just looking to watch some really good thai fights, spectators tickets are available.  $15/day or $25/weekend pass.  Will be around 140 fights on Saturday (THREE RINGS!) and 64 title fights on Sunday.

July 10-11, Holiday Inn Airport, Des Moines IA.


Sweet, I'll be there and AMMA as well. I think Popejoy was wanting to judge.

 I am planning on you refereeing a few fights too... you're still up for that, right?

I have a couple of judges positions open yet. I'm sending out an email to the TBA trainers coming to see if anyone wants to pick up some hours ringside.

Yeah a few, once I'm in the ring I'll find my game legs, you can count on me.

Good Luck everybody Wish I could make it!

Thats too bad Duke, Pete has said theres 340+ signed up.
Some awesome fighters at the last one. Maybe see ya there next year.

Damn I'm tired. We had 190 fights between 3 rings with 4 teams of officials. Sat, Day 1 was 11 hours, starting at 9am and walking out the door at 8pm. Sun, Day 2 started at 10am and ended around 3pm I think, I'm so worn out, feel like I got run over by a bus.
I'm guessing that I had about 40-50 fights and the competition was fierce. Only one of my kids took home a belt but the rest cant wait to get back into the ring. Overall everybody was truely respectful and all the different camps got along famously, it was truely impressive. We had Team Haycraft, Lions Den, Combat Do, Mama's Boys and many others with some really impressive competitors from Canada.
Next year Pete says they are shooting for 500 participants, I hope he finds a bigger arena.

Oh just add, the new US Distributor for Nammam Muay was at the event, he was selling some new stuff too and people were walking out with cases of the stuff. Invite him to you next event.

Anthony Salcedo
Competitive Ace
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had a blast again this year. good fights, good frends. its on for next year

Pete was saying next year that it will be in June and they plan on reserving the whole hotel. Possibly some Pro fights at night too.