Te Huna vs Glover

Could Te Huna be the type of young athletic slugger to give Glover problems?

He's a decent dog and I was thinking about putting money on him.

no Phone Post

Its possible, ill be puttin some $ on him. Phone Post

hybridfc - 

no Phone Post

Well I guess that settles it lol

I think somebody's gonna get to Glover in the next couple fights and Te Huna's got a lot of pop... I'm going upset on this one

I think Te huna gives anyone trouble. This fight could go either way.

I just want an awesome fight. Phone Post 3.0

MysteriousNinjaFromMars - Dont think so , Glovers got it all man.

He does... For some reason I feel like he's the type of fighter to get old all of a sudden though. Like lose a step or become a little chinny. Maybe I'm letting his age mess with my head too much...