Teach Evolution in schools?

What is the arguement against teaching evolution in schools. There is an obvious need to teach a "how we got here" to kids (K-12, any college that teaches anything besides evolution is deluded, blind, and deaf) and, to my knowledge, there are only the two primary schools, Evolution and Creationism (or "Intelligent design" as some people like to pawn it off as) so we have to pick one.

What reason do we have to NOT teach evolution? Is there any non-anecdotal evidence for creationism?


I don't care what they teach in school, as long as I don't have to give "the talk" then I am happy :)

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we should teach our children to be soldiers. then no one would mess with us

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Actually there are lots of different kinds of creationism.

Aside from "Christian Creationism" we have:

Islamic Creationism

Vedic Creationism

American Indian Creationism (The term "American Indian" refers to hundreds of groups with at least as many stories of creation.)

Cosmic Egg (example: Finnish)

Separation of Earth and Sky (example: New Hebrides)

Creation from a Primordial Being (example: Norse)

Earth Diver; Dualism (example: Huron)

Emergence (example: Lipan Apache)

Creation by Spoken Word; Repeated Creation (example: Quiche Maya)

I'm sure ther are others...

Before anybody starts teaching creationsism they need to specify which kind and why ;)

ConnJudo is correct.

Actually you can use one simply phrase to envelop all of those statements, they are all simply Cosmogonic Myths. Showing that you learned some Cosmogonic Myths in World Religions 1 doesn't answer any questions, and the question still stands asking if there is any reason to teach myth instead of biology.

They must teach evolution in schools.

If they want the nations children to grow up and have a complete and well-rounded scientific education then neglecting the most fundamental contributions to biology would be a grave mistake.

They DO teach evolution in schools not under an oppressive religious regime (The U.S is the only non-theocratic state which actively avoids the subject out of public pressure as far as I know ; they teach it in Canada, England, Japan, Germany, Greece etc.).

I think they should teach evolution - but also cover the principla arguments against it, and outline the current arguments regarding its status of theory/fact

make a whole course out of it

also teach comparitive religious studies - some great creation myths and ideas out there

Evolution and Creationism (or "Intelligent design" as some people like to pawn it off as)

hehehehe - I find intelligent design compatible for both evolution and creationism

BTW - are you a troll?? if szo, I shouldn't have fed you

If we are going to split hairs and say, "well, evolution is the dominant theory, but this intelligent design stuff really is good too", are we also going to give alternative views on ALL of our sciences?

There is not one plausible arguement in favor of intelligent design, and by teaching it in schools, we are giving it credance it has neither earned nor deserves.

you cannot give scientific alternatives to every theory, atomic theory, microbiologic theory, ect ect..., so we cannot say well, "here is a documented theory that scientists propose, and here is something that pastors believe in".

One or the other.

yix, I suggest you go to talkorigins.org

It address's some of the issues you've raised. Like how you misused the word theory.

That Evolution happens is a FACT

That it is the cause of the diversity of life is also a FACT

The element of evolution which remains a theory is the mechanisms by which evolution occurs.

There is no alternative "theory".


thanks for the heads up to that site

evolution is definitely something that I could use a major amount of brushing up on - just lacking the time really

so maybe you could help - or just supply specific references:

after Darwins theory of evolution, what are the major pieces of work that progressed it from theory to fact??

who did this work??

I'll give that site attention as and when I can, thanks

Yix, nothing progressed it from Theory to Law. It is still considered a theory.

But that does not mean its a hunch or a guess or anything like that. In science, a theory is something that has been observed A LOT, documented a lot, explained and is pretty much known to be true. The Theory of Gravity is a theory that pretty much everyone agrees to. Same with the Theory of Evoultion.

Any kind of creationism, btw, is not a Theory. Its a hypothesis at best.


I've heard various people say it has moved on from threory - however I've never heard of any of the underlying work that enabled this

I would like to become morte acquainted with this work

like you I dont feel a theory status makes it any less true - I subscribe to evolution while understanding (wrongly perhaps) that it was still a theory

c'mon Robert, do you know of anywhere on that site where they discuss the work that progressed it to law/fact??

I'm going to probably go against the grain as far as fundamental Christian thinking..then again I'm not a fundamentalist Christian..I was taught evolution in school and it did not bias my belief system..it should be taught as well as the big bang,etc. etc...I do not beleive that one particualr religion should be taught in school...I think there should be a class where all religions are discussed..Islam,Judiasm,buddhism,Christianity,Hinduism

faith cannot be disproven by evolution..I've heared some of the more open minded proponets of evolution on here...CW and Robert bentley say that evolution does not disprove that there might indeed be a God...I'm probably not quoting them exactly but I believe that's the jist of what they were trying to convey. faith and science are two differnt things they can infact coexsist..it all depends on your take on God and your take on science...they really have nothing to do with one another

yours in christ



Go to the talkorigins website and click on the FAQ page. Scroll down to the "evolution just a theory?" Q and click on the links.

As far as when it was considered a fact? For many decades actually - it's just that more and more evidence keeps pouring in to support it. ONLY religious fundamentalists have a problem with it, (oh, and those who are trying to be clever by quoting Behe - not realising that his arguments were destroyed minutes after the publication of his book)

Sherm, that's more or less correct.

If you tell me you believe in God I'll say I disagree with you and more or less leave it at that.

If you tell me that creationism should get equal time in school I'll tell you to crawl back to your own private tar pit of ignorance so you can only destroy your own childrens education.

There are many scientist, professors etc. that completely disagree with THE THEORY of evolution. The fact that their is a website that states it's "a fact" (a law?) and uses a bunch of terminology to spin why it is doesn't make it a fact.

I studied this about 15 years ago so my arguements are old. However, it seems as soon as one group comes up with "answers" the other group comes up w/ a whole new set of "answers"...I have settled in my mind that I do believe the creation story (I'm college educated, have studied biology, etc. and have spent the last 15 years working as a professional in the financial industries-so I'm not some superstitious, isolated ignoramus.).

I'm sure there is a response to each of their objections by other scientiest. I just don't care to follow each snowball everytime one is thrown.

ConnJudo is very correct.
I'm all for teaching creationism in school, as long as it's Hopi creationism.

"Robert, There are many scientist, professors etc. that completely disagree with THE THEORY of evolution."

1)actually, that is a total lie. there are a handful of "scientists" who disagree with the theory of evolution. They also happen to have a religious agenda, whereas evolution doesn't ask you to choose any particular faith.

"I studied this about 15 years ago so my arguements are old. However, it seems as soon as one group comes up with "answers" the other group comes up w/ a whole new set of "answers"...I have settled in my mind that I do believe the creation story "

2) Your arguments aren't just old, they are ANCIENT, they were as logically flawed when they came out (decades ago)as they are today. It wasn't a case of someone coming up with a problem with evolution - it was a religious nut inventing a problem, which was shown to be false.

You also state that you have SETTLED in your mind that you believe the creation story. You've made up your mind regardless of what logic, evidence, and truth is out there.

That , is in itself, an ignorant statement.