Teach kids without scaring them

Tony and readers,

If we go with the premise that physical skill can be/ will be intuited in a holy s---, true life or death self defense moment. Then our training should attempt to replicate that scary moment so we can learn how to work past FEAR, deal with adrenaline and get to our skill, right?
Well a friend of mine asked the question, "How do you teach that to children who, unlike our adult students, may not consent to being scared to learn how to deal with fear?"
I'm not trying to be cute, I know some of the answer deals with sensitivity and method of presentation, etc. My interest lies in moving away from teaching "The High Block" and moving toward teaching something like the above. Just still trying to figure out how.
Any ideas?

Mike Galu

Lots of ideas and experiences Mike...unfortunately,
Im packing fo rmy next hotel!

Also, while this is a great ME quesion its also an
important PDR one too.

Will get back to this.