Teach me how to Dougie?

as long as I'm asking for Surf lessons, can anyone teach me how to Dougie?


I think I've just about outgrown my Humpty Dance at the clubs.

I just LOLed @ Jimmy dancing at clubs.

Well, we already know two of his moves.

Welcome FTSPAB.

You know 2 of my moves but shit gets real when I break out my chopsticks and someone slips me a Roofie.

welcome to the HG FTSPAB

 I don't dance, but when I do, I do the dick slang. 

It's not that you don't dance, you just got a pistol in your pants

This is how to dougie

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-egaGRqxj0 Phone Post

i looks like a modified cabbage patch

Pretty much, but waaaaay more awesome when you add in the ice cream man! Phone Post

ahh, so it's a dance you do WITH A PARTNER! (in a truck)

LMAO @ meats keywords for his video search!

Only if said truck is colored like neapolitan ice cream and moving at a rate of speed no less than 25 mph Phone Post

edited double post

think I'll just stick to the Cha Cha & Electric Slide


Did anyone else LOL @ the thought of FCTV sitting there watching the whole Dougie video?

Hahahah, all I was thinking about was the guy with the monte!

You'd have a better chance of getting laid if you carry lint in your pocket.

 ice cream truck didn't even stop lol

LMAO @ the ice cream truck video