Teach me to lower my testosterone

So I can get a scrip from a doc to juice legally Phone Post

Go for the source with a knife and an ice pack.

  1. juice illegally for awhile to fuck your bodys natural production up

    2. go to your doctor to get your levels back to normal

    3. ???

    4. PROFIT!
DoomFarmer - Yeah, do a cycle and walk into the Dr's office about 4 weeks after your done.

Your T level will be in the 13 year old girl range and your doctor will most likely recommend some form of TRT, most likely Androgel.

Fuck me is that really how it works? So these guys may have been juicing early in their careers and are now seeing the side effects.

Seriously, if I had low test I would want the doctor to keep me around the bare minimum and nothing more. Shit is not supposed to be just injected into your body like that. Phone Post

1) Drink a lot
2) Don't sleep
3) Go get a blood test

You'll be low.

drink soy milk

smoke huge amounts of weed.

1) Scissors
2) Ballsack


I'm 45 and mine was around 300. Average for my age should be around 650. I began TRT and now I'm 735.

TRT just brings you to a "normal" zone.

Body builders take birth control pills to bring theirs down before getting tested.

go on a soy diet

I'm seriously getting my test levels checked out after these threads. I'm paranoid now.

chokeyou - smoke huge amounts of weed.

weed has a negligible effect. alcohol on the other hand...

Nowaydo: What are the benefits that you feel? Other than a numbers gain. Phone Post

Attend a Dave Matthews Band show. Phone Post

Watch any of the Twilight Movies

Attend a Justin Bieber Concert

This could go on all day....


If you just want to get ripped, go to the doctor, claim athletic asthma, and get a script for chlenbuterol.

There are still legal, OTC steroids that haven't been banned yet that will shut your ass down in about 4 weeks or less.

Try some superdrol, made by competitive edge labs.

Shit is toxic as fawk but shuts you down quicker than about any other roid. You could dose it really low and not get the bad sides, just shut them nuts down.

For something more mild, maybe Proto Max by IBE or another mild "prohormone"

They will all shut you down, and the orals which are very strong and fast acting will shut you down much quicker than the average long ester (time released) testosterone injection.

Edit: and in no way do I think this shit is a good idea for you. TRT may sound cool but its not for a healthy young person because it will shut you down and you might have to be on it for life.

Your nuts will shrivel up to a quite tiny size unless you use HCG about 3x a week and drop your dose real low and go on a SERM once or twice a year.... You might also not be able to have kids once your body shuts down completely.