Teacher Calls Officer "Murderer" and "Mexican Racist Wanna Be White"

Bidens America


Yeah. Eventually the left is going to demonize police enough nobody in their right mind will want to do the fucking job.

Between being called a murderer and pig non stop, prosecuted in court by leftist activist DA’s for defending themselves, and being victims themselves of daily assault and attempted murder (or killed)…who the fuck will want to be a cop?

We’ll have the bottom of the barrel doing the job with absolute minimum effort. It will be like a third world country. We’ll be on the way to turning into South Africa.


I guess it is not surprising that she is not being named. She is a black leftist and that means she gets a pass for being a racist cunt. The left has an absolute stranglehold on the country and they control all dissemination of information. They tell people what should outrage them and a black person being racist toward a Latino is not noteworthy.


Lying bitch does not believe he is a murderer… If I come across a murderer with a gun im not gonna start calling him names.

Fat cow being a fat cow

There are Karen’s in all cultures.

They are called Lupita and Leevon

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Yup. And the problem will continue until the culture takes some accountability and the politically-correct media stops enabling it.


Nothing new. For years many blacks have been racist and committed hate crimes against Hispanics, especially immigrants.
Fortunately Hispanics, especially Mexicans don’t have white guilt and don’t give a fuck about these race baiting, racist, communist faggots.


I sadly live 8 miles from San Dimas where this video is from and what a pos bitch that is.

Get paid a tiny salary to risk your life for strangers everyday and have people like this just shit all over you. Yeah, I’m sure recruitment will be up.


in for her inevitable exposure. will post if I can find it.

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Officer handled it like a G

Ive Raged In Waters !

She’s black? Ahh, that explains her being protected even though she’s a POS.

To think some guy guy filled her with his seed. I’ll pay for a happy ending every time.

Why would you say that with a kid there? If he was say 5 yrs old that would traumatize the shit out of him.

A man that knows his geography! I live in this cunts hood only no one would call it a hood…what a whack job!

It means zero to me or that officer. His day changed 0% other than an eye roll. Like I said I’m more offended by pretending there was any danger when a child is present. What a cunt and shitty mom.

That lady needs to be culled, immediately. She’s a danger to society imo.

I think I read that she has a habit of making baseless claims against the police. This only came out because the cop is running his own private bodycam as well.