Teacher disciplines student


I recognize that school. That's the 'Old School!'


I have a feeling he's going to be fired. And that's to bad because he's probably the first man to ever discipline that kid.

sgotwalks - 

I recognize that school. That's the 'Old School!'

Legit LOL

Looool im from that area. Not my HS though.

American Hero

i used to blow those saliva bubbles all the time as a freshman in high school


one day during health class, i decided to let out a saliva bubble above the teacher's head so it would fall on his desk


did i mention that the teacher was the wrestling coach of our 3peat state champion parochial A school?


once the bubble landed on his paper, he pounced up andgrabbed me by my shirt/tie knot and lifted me into the air and slammed against the blackboard

he told me to "knock it off" and sat me the FUCK down!


learned my lesson!

DavidYorkshire -

i loled along with the video maker.

you can imagine being in school when something strange/unexpected used to happen.

the sight of the teacher chasing the friend around with a belt in his hand.   lol 

Lol i woulda tripped the kid as he ran past me so the teacher could catch him and whoop dat ass