Teacher Solicited for Sex with Two Year Old

he’s going to have a rough time in prison

I mean I’m sure it’s bad wiring in his brain… but when you act on that you are no longer capable of being on earth with the rest of us. Time to go

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Not gonna lie.

I was 100% expecting a white dude.

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So clearly that child is now a ward of the state right. Did the article (maybe full one not posted??) mention the penalty to the parent(s)? They need to also be executed along side this POS

You mispelled euthanize and bury

Can’t believe they’d send a 2 year old to prison. Poor kid. He just wanted a father figure in his life.

Bahaha. I absolutely was too. Let’s be honest, that is some creepy white guy shit. If the article had said that the perp punched an old asian person, I would have thought…well, you know. But try to hook up with a little kid? Has white guy written all over it.

Regardless, let’s get rid of him. Why prison? How does that benefit society?

My youngest could, if something would be set up accordingly, hit a key to start talking to random strangers. It’s a smart child but giving my kids free reign over the internet seems like a decidedly idiotic decision.
All apps are trash wether it’s tiktok, youtube, funimate, whatever. It’s all either a waste of time, an interface for brainwashing or dumbing down their naive mind or a straight up pedochat like in the OP.
The more a kid spends time with electric devices, the more it suffers. Social deficits, IQ, attention or health. TV was bad but smartphones are little better than cancer.