Teaching and "educating" kids


Scott as always u rule...

Hey Scott, we are considering starting to teach kids BJJ/grappling, I am curious as to your experiences.

I used ot teach kids karate and i found them to not be very attentive for very long. They needed alot of games etc.

I know Gokor throws his kids str8 into Vale Tudo which i like but wont do here in Aus coz i'll end up in jail. LOL :)

Do you show kids SubS? How do you get them interested? I WISH i did grappling more as a kid thus i want to help give kids the opportunity over here.
I did judo as a kid and i believe it helped "educate" my body giving me better coordination later in life.

I know the russians believe in "playing" educating the body at a young age. Could u give us some more information/guidance in this field?

BTW kids=7-15 yrs of age.

Thanx in advance!