Teaching Question

Let me ask a question about the techniques you teach (for those of you who teach, though you don't have to be a teacher to respond).. 

I'm of the mentality that teaching more than 3 techniques is overloading (especially early on).

Which do you prefer, teaching a series 1 - 2 - 3 (i.e. hip bump sweep to kimura to guillotine) OR teaching a move, a counter, then a counter to that?  I remember someone telling me that teaching a move and a counter in the same class doesn't really give the student time to incorporate it into their game because the people they're trying it on will be trying the counter.  I can see that being a format for a more advanced class though.

Which do you prefer? 

I dont like to teach a move and the counter because I feel it takes away some of the confidence the student has in the move.

I usually teach 3 moves off the same setup/position. 

For example....from knee on the stomach I would teach the X choke, mount and spin to armlock. 

I do mix it up though.  Sometimes we troubleshoot positions so if anyone is getting stuck we try to work it out. 


"I dont like to teach a move and the counter because I feel it takes away some of the confidence the student has in the move."

Great point, I agree.  When introducing a technique series, I'Il show counters only as they lead to the next technique in the sequence.  If you don't provide a solution to the counter, the attacker won't want to waste his time going for the initial move.  

What Andre and Jeff said. I only introduce counters when I feel that most of the class is comfortable with the move (usually takes about 3 weeks).

I like branching variations off the same basic move. However, it is important that it's not presented as variations that you pick at random. It is based on how your opponent bases, etc...There's gotta be a clear line of decision making so you'll be able to flow to it quickly without hesitating. To me, that's as important as the technique of the move itself.

if i were to teach a move i wouldnt teach the counter until people in the class started catching the move. once people start getting it to work in their game, then id teach the counter.

id like to teach a technique, then a "if theyre giving you trouble this way" variation. or like you said, a progression (sweep to mount, mounted americana, americana to straight armlock) something like that.also i think its good to have 1 day a week devoted strictly to questions from the class. that way everyone has a week to think of stuff that isnt working properly in their game and everyone can work on it together.