Teaching seminars across the U.S.

Ten years ago I posted here to see if anyone on the Eastern U.S. was interested in having me teach some MMA, wrestling or boxing. The response totally exceeded my expectations and I ended up teaching more than 20 seminars from Maine down to Tennessee and making some good friends in the bargain. I'd like to do something like that again, on a bigger scale.

I've planned eleven trips traversing the United States, beginning in 2014, in search of adventure and to share what I've learned after more than thirty years as a combative athlete (National champion wrestler, Golden Gloves champion boxer, Ultimate Fighting Championships veteran and college football All-American) and coach (University of California-Davis head wrestling coach, Arizona State University assistant wrestling coach, trainer of several fighters, and instructor of seminars throughout the United States and abroad). Along the way I've also been a contributing writer for "Full Contact Fighting" magazine, "The Journal of Asian Martial Arts", and the book "Asian Martial Arts: Constructive Thoughts and Practical Applications".

So, here's the deal with the seminars. This isn't a big money-making venture for me. Nothing ever is. I enjoy sharing this stuff and want to make it accessible. If anyone wants to get a group together for a seminar, I'll do it for $20/person. That's it. Eventually I'm going to be near just about every spot in the contiguous U.S., so if you're interested, let me know. My marketing-savvy friends tell me that if I charge too little, then people won't value my teaching. That hasn't been my experience so far.

You can reach me at timlajcik@gmail.com. My website, timlajcik.com, is getting overhauled and should be up within the next two weeks. And there's a Facebook page dedicated to these travels and seminars: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bohemian-Backroads/180682012127071


Tim Lajcik

I wish you the best of luck, sir. Thank you for all of the fights!


Awfully nice of you. You're welcome, of course!


Many thanks, CC. That's a big help. Yes, I've got a 5 DVD set that covers MMA-oriented wrestling (Beginning and Advanced Takedowns, Takedown defense) and boxing (Beginning and Advanced). People seem to like them. Thanks for mentioning it. Every time I try to sell something I die a little inside, so I don't often mention them. I typically just bring them to seminars, but if you know anyone that wants one, the five DVD set goes for $60 with free shipping in the U.S. I've got PayPal (timlajcik@gmail.com). Again, thank you.

Big ups to the Bohemian!

Not sure why you only went up 1 Tim.

Nice grammar BTW.

Are you passing through NYC or NJ? Phone Post 3.0

Dan Pagan, I'll be EVERYWHERE, including NJ/NYC. There's actually a map with the routes I'll be taking on that Facebook page I mentioned in my original post. Hope we cross paths.

SDB, I'll admit that spin looked pretty good, but I think the reason it looked so clean was TK conceded the takedown. If a guy dies really hard on the takedown attempt, I've got to use a more methodical, grinding approach to taking his back. TK was terrific. He should be remembered. And it's nice that someone still talks about me a bit. Thanks, brother.

Holy shit. Blast from the past! I'm going to spread the word, I KNOW there are a few people here in MA that would be stoked to hear your name mentioned, let alone in a seminar capacity. Wicked awesome.

If youre near Minneapolis im sure I know a place glad to host you. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks, fellas. I'll get everywhere, including MA and Minneapolis. Appreciate the boost.


ttt Phone Post 3.0


. Phone Post 3.0

heeeeeessssssssssssss back


and still


owes me dinner :)







Honestly need heard of you, buy MY GOD at that resume! I'd take a class or 12 with you. Anything in the Boston area? Phone Post 3.0

TtT Phone Post 3.0

In Vegas? Phone Post 3.0

If your coming to the not cal area at all I'm sure there's some (little) places here that would love to have you. Phone Post 3.0