Team Dagger: Traitors!

I can't believe the rest of the team members are putting up with this treasonous Team Dagger gay bullshit.

Classless IMO, I hope those guys lose soon.

Solomon sold out his own team member...he's a piece of shit

Totally gay.

They clicked, for whatever its worth. Not much, probably. Anyway, these "teams" are completely artificial and temporary. I woundn't invest too much in them.

since it's each man for himself in the TUF3 format anyway, those two are just being smart.

team dagger is less gay than the team punishment, team shamrock concepts in that at least it's more real.

I agree with the orginal post, I think it's traitor.

They might not of picked they're team, but they did decide to be on the show.

How would you like to workout with a guy for 8 weeks 2 times a day, just so he can tell everyone else how to beat you. Especially when these are the biggest fights of your career. I sure as hell would not want to train with someone like that! I would Hate that S.O.B. I hope Team Dagger crashes and burns in a violent way!

Reality TV is all about alliances and doing what it takes to win. People who don't like that can just go ahead and cry.

They should get matching dagger tattoos to further cement their gayness. They could then have a "Commitment Ceremony" in one of the episodes.

"Do you, missing tooth guy, take tall lanky guy to be your finalist contestant in the big dagger in the sky ?"

If the Team Dagger guy on Tito's team sells out his teammate too, I
predict Tito will be pissed and it will make for good TV.

After like week six there are no more teams, so I don't see the big deal. It's not like Solomen exposed the Brits heinous ground game. Stevie Wonder could have seen the holes in that Brits ground game. Dagger!

I agree that it's silly for people to get bent out of shape about this. They switch these teams around all the time and you often have to fight one of your "teammates" anyway.