Team Dagger

Anyone else happy that we have seen the end of that moronic friendship on the TUF?

Thank God.  Solomon's shit talk was getting unbearable. 


I agree that dude was funny as hell on the show, kind of a shame to see him go. However even after he got KO'd he was still funny:

Solomon: What happened?

Ken: You got kicked in the head and KO'd

Solomon: Who won?

LMMFAO @ "Who won"




My only regret is that Rory didn't knock all the REST of Solomon's teeth out and then mouthrape his gums in the center of the octagon. I think being toothless and having a Jewish nurse's cock forced into his mouth would cure him of his shit talking.



oh God...Rory has to see this

i liked team was funny

You have a pretty low threshold on your sense of humor if guys saying the word "dagger" is honestly that funny to you.

not them saying it really, just their stupid little added some humor

D A G G E R!