Team Empire joins MFS!

Just wanted to let all my forum mates know whats going on.

As of today, our Gym has offically joined Miletich Fighting Systems.

website is still being updated.

Guess that makes Dynamo a kissing cousin.......ewww.

i hope gregg shaves his moustache for ya.

can't wait to meet gregg in person....and yes I hope he shaves too =)

he never shaved before kissing me. if he shaves for you im going to be pissed.

Then "F" it! I'm not shaving either!

Both of you are going to get your respective asses kicked.

By Igor

By Hughes

By Sylvia

By Miletich

By Pulver

By Fischer

By Lawler

By Rothwell

By Hoger

By Imes

Ya but do you shave for those guys? =P

Congrats Chris! Your first win under this banner can be on the 6th :o)

Hey SAMBO STEVIE who invited you to this party?

Chris, I have a friend -- Nate Schroeder at MFS he is looking forward to meeting you.

You want some Stevie?

Hey Resnick-- where are you? Did I scare you with my previous post????

Bring it on boys, and I do mean BOYS.


i was at AKA...

and, you know ill bring it. ill bring it all.

so long as it is in a gi, that is. =)

i also notice that you didnt put yourself on the list gregg.

just remember, im brining the man with the single hardest footsweep in the world with me.

I invited myself and I aint shaving my gotee either!

Look forward to getting my ass kicked, as long as they sign my casts from the bones they break :)

Gregg, is it better to use nair or to just shave I want a real smooth finish.

I don't know, I figured you pussys would figure that out.

Josh--Are you referring to Tony?

So how do YOU get that Linoleum like finish??? Tell us your secret you bastid!

gregg.. nope. i was referring to josh peterson.

tony isnt able to get away from work actually. he recently took a job for Chase bank. he is now in charge of finding and hiring all their morgatge and loan officers throught the entire midwest. huge job, damn good pay. sweet gig.

that is awesome

Is this a good spot to resurrect "romo?"