Team Fortress 2/Orange Box vids

I am a TF2 junkie and think these vids are awesome so I figured I'd share.

did we just get punked?


Meet the Scout:

Funny TF2 Parody:

Meet the Sniper:

Meet the Heavy:

Meet the Demoman:

LOL, sorry, the new embed in the initial post still fucks with me LOL

Griefing vid LMFAO:

More Griefing LMFAO!!!!!!:

No TF2 fans on here? :(

best team fortress 2 video i ever saw was fyi, i am a spy. short and sweet, but hilarious

LMFAO!!!!! Never saw that one, that is funny :)

phil baroni + oma(tm) = the scout ftw

griefing ftw

LMFAO!!!! Those griefing vids crack me the fuck up :)