Team Lauzon downs 144 pizza slices to raise money

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                                Team Lauzon downs 144 slices to raise money

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                    <p>Today UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon took on his stiffest opponent to date, a non-stop supply of pizza fresh out of the <a href="" target="_blank">Baking Steel</a> test kitchen.</p>

Lauzon, with a team of five friends, traveled to Cohasett, MA where Baking Steel head chef Craig Hastings and founder Andris Lagsdin fired out fresh margherita pizzas for an hour straight. Baking Steel donated $5.00 per slice of pizza eaten by the entire team. 

Team Lauzon started out fast, with everyone eating two whole pizzas, or sixteen slices in the first fifteen minutes. Then the reality of a two pounds of dough, sauce, and mozzarella set in and the pace slowed. When the hour was up, the team had finished off one hundred and forty four slices of pizza, with Lauzon himself finishing twenty-fours slices. A friend of Lauzons, Bridgewater's Matt Pestena led the team with twenty seven slices. The total added up to a $720 donation to the Jimmy Fund from the Baking Steel.

In addition, community members of The Underground pledged donations per slice and will also be donating almost $800 more to the Jimmy Fund.

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Good work team Lauzon and a hats off to the donating UGers. Your good people and should be proud. Phone Post 3.0

Reminder. If you pledged a donation on the original thread, please try to make your donation soon. 

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Lauzon ate 24 slices himself, the team 144 slices.

Congrats! Donated. Phone Post 3.0

That's great! Hopefully people don't welch.. Phone Post 3.0

Really cool!

They should have brought Johny Hendricks in to really break the bank. Phone Post 3.0

Johny Hendricks was busy getting his picture on the wall at Fuddrucker's. Phone Post 3.0


They are going to be hurting tomorrow.

RIP Bridgewater toilets

Wicked awesome.

Nuevo Haole - RIP Bridgewater toilets
Lol!! Phone Post 3.0


Nice work Johny!

Shit...Joe, I meant Joe!

Nice work Joe!!!! Phone Post 3.0

Gonna donate today! Phone Post 3.0

TFK Bro Lo El Cuñado -
6 Late Hammerfists - My God almighty, the man with the Texas shirt on must be 11 feet tall and 700 pounds!!!! Phone Post 3.0
I'm guessing that is Matt Petensa. Phone Post 3.0
Nope. Big man is Will. Phone Post 3.0

Sorry for the lag, just dumped my coin in there now....good work Joe! Team Fat Kid is proud of 24 slices, respectable to say the least, especially from a skinny fat like got a hollow leg? ;)