Team LI Keenan vs Atos Keenan

How has Keenan changed since he left LI? At team LI it seemed as if the competitors were locked in a house and did nothing but train BJJ, figuratively speaking. Now that Keenan is out of the house he should have more time to live his life outside of BJJ. This could hurt his game by having more to distract him from his training or it could give him a chance to enjoy his life outside of BJJ and make him better person.

I was just wondering if anyone else had an opinion on this. I just recently began to follow him more and watch more of his matches. The more I read and watch the bigger the fan I become. Has Keenan changed from than and now with his BJJ game and with his attitude outside of BJJ?

He seems to be doing fine to me. JT as well.

the only change is he shows more of his actual personality. Other than that he is just as good and is doing well at competitions.

He appears to be doing quite well under Atos. I'd imagine the TLI training lifestyle probably led to a lot of guys feeling burnt out while at Atos they seem to have a lot more time to relax and have fun. Phone Post 3.0