Team Link BJJ in Enfield, CT

Team Link BJJ is now opening a new affiliate school in Enfield, CT at the Northeast Elite Training Center beginning Dec. 3, 2007. This training center provides over 2300 square feet of professional quality wrestling mats. We have changing areas, men and women showers, and a hangout room for children and families.

There will be an open house / training session on Dec. 2 from 12:00 pm to 2:00. This will be an open training session to the public. Team Link fighters will be here to work out. Come ready to work out or just stop by to check out the facility and get more information.

Classes will be: Monday and Tuesday 7-9: gi & no-gi jiu-jitsu, Friday 6-9: no-gi/mma/boxing and Sunday 9-11: no gi/mma

Head Instructor for no gi/mma/boxing will be myself, Brian Olsen, 2x CT State Wrestling Champ, Div. I Wrestler at Central CT State University, and 3x World Extreme Cagefighting Veteran for former Heavyweight Champion.

Gi-instructors will be selected Marco Alvan students.

If you have any questions, you can contact me here or at

Thank you.


AWESOME NEWS!!! What a great combo!

finally some love for eastern connecticut

GO BLUE DEVILS! used to live in carroll hall- good times..great news about opening up in CT, wished i still lived there

LOL-gnp I lived in Vance hall for a half semester till I got kicked out-I graduated in 92 though-the campus is probably much different now-since I work in Bloomfield-I am wondering if day classes are avail for No-Gi

pro- yeah, i was there in 2000, till i got kicked out as well- whole place was under construction, im sure its changed since the last couple of years

prologix, I'm sorry there will be no day classes as of right now. When the numbers go up, we will start to add classes.

As for prices, since we will only be open 4 days a week, it will be $100 per month. For the month of December, we will be running a special. It will only be $75 a month. So sign up early. Being part of Team Link will allow you to travel to other Team Link facilities to train.

If you are interested in fighting, we will have travel days where we can go to Ludlow and train with some of best fighters around.

Rmember, stop by Dec. 2 to check us out.



Hi Brian.

Are there straight wrestling classes available for adults at the center?

Please let me know.

Straight wrestling classes are available from 6-8 Monday through Thursday. Unfortunately it is mostly high school kids and under. There are some college kids over the summer. When the high school season starts, they are not allowed to be there per order of the CIAC. There are like one or two adults that take these classes but not consistantly. I don't know what your level of wrestling is, but at the end of every class it will be open mats and I would be willing to work out or teach some wrestling. Hope this helps.

Hey Brian, did you wrestle for Kenny D at ccsu? I wrestled at Rocky Hill High and was buddies with his son. Great man.

looking forward to the 2nd!


Yes I wrestled for Kenny D. I was on the team the last year the program was in existance. Long live CCSU Wrestling!


Front page for a Distef disciple.



why no wed and thurs classes?

were you at LA boxing a little bit ago Brian?