Team LIONKILL @ NAGA Worlds!!!

Team LIONKILL brought its biggest competition team to date this past Saturday to NAGA Worlds.With a 20 man team we brought home 10 medals and a championship belt.Not too bad.
1st place:
Nolan Dutcher-NoGi cruiserweight Expert
Pete Rigos- NoGi Middleweight Intermediate
Rennee "TEDDY ;D" Cimino- Womens Gi whitebelt Lightweight
Ben Astasio-NoGi Masters Beginner 160-169 lbs

2nd PLace:
Brian Robertson-NoGi masters beginner 150-159lbs
Lucas Carlow- NoGi Beginner Superheavyweight
Rennee Cimino-Womens Gi Whitebelt lightweight
John Ritayeck-NOgi masters beginner 180-189lbs

3rd Place:
JJ Russo-NoGi masters beginner 150-159lbs
GENE hAUN-Kids beginner 100-115 lbs.(Our first KIDS competitor ;-&

CONGRATS to all! As usual, they all have made me proud!
Cant wait to see the team Standings!


Congrats...Always like to see big teams attending in family-like numbers!

Congratulations guys!

nice job

what was your take on the tournament organisationally Nolan?

Were you ticked off that Kipp spoiled the Napao/Crocop fight for everyone there?

much respect for team LK always a good showing from your guys, good grapplers.

TTT for Lionkill

I think it was very organized.
I mean yeah it sucked i didnt fight til 10 pm,But it wasnt due to unorganization,it was due to the large number of competitors.
They need to do kids on a seperate day.


yeah cait wait for wildwood when they actually split kids and adults. Great venue with bathrooms this time lol. Hectic event on sat but for what they were given you cant really blame them. Anyone know the final fighter count?

"I mean yeah it sucked i didnt fight til 10 pm"

Holy crap!!!!

ttt nice

Bathrooms DID suck.I mean girls always have a huge line waiting to use the bathroom, but this time the guys line was ridiculous too.

Def need to give kids/teens there own day.

^^Will know hopefully within the week.^^

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