Team Quest fighter Chris Leben HL

Chris is a great example of the next generation of Team Quest fighters. He is 13-1 with his only loss coming by way of decision to Joe Doerkson in what calls "the best mma fight ever." He has a bunch of wins by KO, including Mike Swick (12-0 at the time, AKA) and Otto Olsen (all-american from Michigan who placed 2nd in Abu Dhabi).

Chris is defending his MW belt against Benji Radach this Saturday in Sportfight.

Oh yeah the vid was created by mox_mox (the one-armed bandido).

Here's a link that will take you straight to the download:

Check it out!


coo, ttt

ttt for the RED TERROR!

just watched it. Pretty cool stuff.

Who was his opponent in the fight with the yellow mat?

i don't know but he didn't appear to be having a very good time! DR. Tom Palmer should sponsor Chris- lord knows he has sent his share of opponents to the podiatrist!

He's got to beat Radach this weekend to be UFC bound.

Agreed LC- Benji is a big-ass roadblock! should be good times...did you enjoy the HL? any news on whether you will be singing the national anthem? if i have to sit through that lardass singing "proud to be an american" again i may shoot myself.