Team Quest is now in Atlanta

Atlanta just became an even more interesting place to come and train.

Team Quest now has a facility in Alpharetta Georgia. At the moment, we have a mere 4000 square feet, but we are expanding that quite substantially to include a full conditioning gym, and a venue for up to 1000 people.

The instructors are Master Ricardo Murgel, 7th Deg Red/Black, and one of America's most decorated wrestlers, Lee Kemp. Naturally, you'll be seeing the faces that you already know from Team Quest; so don't be strangers now... Ya hear? Team Quest just got southern fried!

Classes are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and an open mat day on Saturday.

Questions? Drop me a line at


damn, I just moved from Alpharetta to midtown Atlanta a few months ago.

ttt for the suburbanites

Bro, we are literally right off of the Mansell Rd exit on 400. Get off the ramp, left, pass under 400, then right at the second light on Davis Drive. Its the intersection where Killer Creek sits.

I made the drive from mid town today in 15 minutes... :-)



is team quest becoming a franchise?

Avoid the traffic and its not a bad drive. I work right near there and drive from decatur.

Malachy, nah, nothing like that bro.

Like AtlLien said, the drive ain't bad. At least, not until you pass exit 8 on 400... Might as well staop and train.


They recently got done putting in some new lanes on 400 so the drive up isn't nearly as bad as it was previously.

Fuck, why do I have to live in the most secluded part of Georgia?

Congrats, guys!

ttt for when i move out of this house

Sweet brother! I'll be contacting my friends at Versaclimber and letting them know there's another gym that needs their equipment.

Talk to you soon.


Anything OV1 touches turns to Gold! Best Wishes brother and many blessings to you and Ricardo.
Check your e-mail Ranger!


Thanks ya'll!

Scrap! Thanks bro! I think that I could probably put two of those things to use pretty quick. Be more fun if ya brought your ass to the Atl and did your thing... :-)


Will there be a website going up?

Oh damn!

You LITERALLY just saved me a trip to my office to find your damn email address! No joke. You were on my list of "first to calls"... For obvious reasons!

It's time brother! :-)

Great news. In less then 6 months GA gets ATT and Quest.


LMAO, but of course.

I put the announcement up because we are training now. The rest will follow shortly.

im just waitin for a gym in bankhead so i can get my drugs and my training all in one spot, you know?

Adam, Ricardo and I had a similar discussion today. So ya'll know, he's very happy for you guys. And we hope to see ya'll soon bro. I still need to see that baby. Lets get together and send the girls out shopping. They can take the kids, or we can toss them on the mats in my basement, and we can cook out. :-)