Team Quest Seminar in GTA

Well the planning has started, Matt Lindland is confirmed. He will be coming to Toronto, Canada to make up for the seminar he wasn't able to attend in September. I am hoping to have either Dan Henderson or Evan Tanner join him, so that we can make it a weekend of it. It would be helpful to have some of this forum's readers opinion on who you would like to join Matt (either Dan or Evan). We are looking at dates in late October or early November. Let me know who you want to join Matt via this thread.


Shawn Geris

Both would be good but if not, It would sure be great to see Dan again.

Besides, I have some pictures for him.

H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D all the way!

TTT for getting Hendo drunk in one of our T.O bars!!!

Bringing Dan back again would be cool.

hey hulk

i would like to see dan again... he owes me


hey scott sorry i haven't talked to you in a while

call me at 416-301-9776


Depending on the response, I have no problem bringing Randy back up!