Team Quest Training Manual

Sorry if this has been answered a million and one times but is there any manuals in stock.  I have been to your website a few times and it seems everytime l check its not available.


Does anyone from team Quest actually respond on this forum?

It's been unavailable because it was being updated for a new 2nd edition...I believe it's going to the printers next week, so it should be available again soon...

Thank you Ring Girl!

Any updates on when the 2nd edition might be available?


So what's the word on the 2nd edition--is it coming out anytime soon? With Christmas coming up, I know several people for whom the manual would make a great gift (me included.)

Anyone's comments on the manual? I am thinking of purchasing it.

I just got the dvd and it's really god. I have been doing the grappling circuit for a week and it's brutal and fun.

does the dvd have material the book doesn't (and vice versa)?