Team Quest Web Store...

Yeah it has the beanies, t-shirts and cans of Lightforce, but where are the Team Quest coffee mugs and ties? I want a Phil Baroni dart board. Where are the Team Quest BobbleHead Dolls?!?!

LOl@sovann. Bobbleheads are kind of creepy -
but the Baroni dartboard sounds fun! :)

For you RingGrrl no bobblehead. They should make a Randy as Captain America plush toy to snuggle up to.

Randy Couture Ear keychains!!!

LOL! They wouldn't fit in my pocket!

"Lindland on Baroni" desk calendar would provide a year's worth of entertainment.

LOL@Randy's ear-keychain - probably safe to say
there won't be any Team
Quest headgear for sale!

Still LOL at the ear-keychain. They have gummy rats and snakes. How about gummy Randy ears! You could chew on them for days.

"Got some brocholi in there too." Jimmy Kimmel on Randy's cauliflower ears.

"How about gummy Randy ears! You could chew on them for days."

They could have Mike Tyson advertise them.

or coutures shirt that should have been made after beating chuck and tito-"DUDE, I JUST PUNKED YOU"