Team Renzo Gracie New Belts!

While Renzo Gracie was down teaching a seminar, he awarded three new belts to some very deserving people. Sean Stobo recieves his blue belt, and Chris Gifford gets his blue as well. Last but not least after we thought all the promotions were done, Renzo gives Pat Cooligan his Purple Belt. Congrats to all and it was definately a very good day for Team Renzo Ottawa.

congrats, what is the belt total @ OAMA now?

Pictures coming up soon...

nativegrappler: I'm pretty sure everyone wears a belt to the gi classes so it varies per night. Or if you mean total students, we're around 90 I think.

Pat putting on his new colour

Pat getting an round of applause

Group shot of Team Renzo Gracie Ottawa

Pat and Rima (A.K.A. "ravishing")

Pat and Nick (A.K.A. "danda")

Pat and Matt G.

Renzo and Rima

Pat putting on his new colour


Renzo and Pat

Renzo signing his book

Renzo cutting the big ass cake

Congrats guys!

A most amazing weekend!!

I would just like to thank Renzo for a great weekend and all the confidence he has in me. In my mind he is the best instructor period.

Also thanks to all my students for the great turnout and all there support nothing would be possible without you guys.

Also a special congratulation to Sean AKA (red devil) on his promotion and to Chris who would have been promoted long ago if it was not due to his knee surgery and having to take 8 months of training you guys deserved it. Team Renzo Otttawa is now up to eight blue belts. With more to come


Pat!!!! Congrats!!! Hell yeah! Very, very cool bro and well deserved!
Congrats to all of you guys and man, that cake looks awesome.


Renzo Gracie Association


The Renzo seminar was great!!!! Renzo Gracie is on of the nicest people i have ever met. If anyone ever gets a chance to train with him or even just meet him is an awesome experience.

Congrats to all the boys.

Congrats Pat!!!  Looks like you guys had a blast, I wish I could have made it down, next time. 


Congrats on the promotions, as well as on the size of your class. I had no idea you guys were such a big group!

I notice you have a blue belt woman training with you. What's it going to take to convince her to compete in some local (Ottawa or Montreal) tournaments? We have 4-6 ladies who would love to compete, but in general the other schools don't send their women competitors (West Island BJJ being the exception).

All the best in your training!


Congrats. Nice pics.



Nice pics and congrats!!!


nice looking school!

Big Congrats to Pat and his crew. Looking forward to seeing Renzo in Boulder next month!!

congrats guys!