TEAM #s on you BJJ GI?

i dunno guys, i like idea. like basketball or football. you know, assigning numbers to your competitive students. not all compete, but for those that do, give them a number. i know you bastards will probably think it's ghey, but i like the fashionista quality of the whole idea.

oh brutha

*thinking its ghey

Good idea FCTV!

If you have a BJ or Baret on your team, do you retire their number?


i really like this idea mike. seriously.

"fashionista"lol.... nuff said imo

oh, you will envy my gi mt. you will... ;)

I'll take 69!! ;)

heh heh.

005 reporting, wait that's my monkey number

i want a huge hamburger on the back of mine.

Gi's Fukn Suck!

envious cause i won't get a number

^^sharpie pen candidate.

Haven't any of you gotten the new memo? 71 is the new 69 bro. Its a 69 with 2 fingers in her ass.

71 was so last year.. its all about the 72 in 08' lol

^ knuckle deep or half way on the 72?

Is 2008 the year of the stretched anus? I thought it was the year of the dog since everyone and their brother is eating them.

I think everyone should be numbered 02...then place under it.


I am beginning to like this idea.

Like granma used to say..."eat your poi with 3 fingahs" lol

this thread is turning into a numerical nightmare for some of us. :(

Could be worse FCTV couldve been a 6.9
perfectly good thing ruined by a period =(