Team support in TUF low?

This is in regards to the last episode, so I'm keeping in mind that things can and will change in future episodes, yada yada troll, etc.

From what they showed, it seems like neither of the teams supported their fighters until the actual fight was on. Bobby was lucky that Josh had the drive to help him through it, dragging him back into the sauna was awesome. Where was everybody else? Back in the house eating bon bons and chocolate cake while they're teammate representing all of them was fighting to fight?

Nobody seemed to care about Sincaid the night before or even talk to him. He mentioned something like what do you think about tomorrow guys and he got the cold shoulder.

I know that everybody's in it for the contracts in the end, but there's never any team moral in room. Did Dana mention something about $5000 to the fighters before the fight? They fought for free, right?

If your fighter wins a fight and they give some kind of incentive or prize to the entire team, that would get everybody pumped up.

This episode was awesome, but I just hope that these guys form a bond for their teammates and get the Chuck vs Couture team rivalry going.