TANK fan since UFC 5. Son's middle name is Tank.

im riding shotgun on this bandwagon !!!

team tank 4 life !!!


team tank 4 life !!!


all aboard !!!

next stop ... london , england !!!

team tank 4 life !!!

everyone here is excited to see tank fight and are a bunch of liars if they say otherwise.

Also, when i met Tank he was cool as shit to me and then proceeded to absolutely blow off some little kid that asked for an autograph.

The kid asked and Tank said he had to go train and then walked into a bar at the Hard Rock. I think this is when he fought Kimo. I laughed my ass off.

If he could have trained it would have been a good first round.

he does...round

besides we watch hundreds of fights a month now. I am excited every now and then to see stuff like this.

^^^ maybe hundreds is an overstatement

tank v howard back then would of been something !!!

when I was a kid I'd play Pit Fighter, pick the fattest dude and pretend to be David 'Tank' Abbot.

tank 4 life


Tank learned a heel hook... must have been from Ken Shamrock's book.