Team Tompkins Crew

Yo boyz, Pecker giving a shout from Taiwan. Good luck to Mency, Stout, Hominick and the Experiment. Im sure you guys trained your asses of for this fight, and nows ur time. Let the leather howl Team Tompkins Style!!!

P.S---Stout, beat the fuck outtta that piece of shit puto. He's lucky to even get the fight.


WTF is in taiwan???

I Am. a whole shit lotta chinese people, and tons of stray dogs high on opium.

TTT for team tompkins

Pecker I'll probably come visit soon, i found a cheap ass flight for like $200 i'll be there soon and we'll TEAR IT UP



Taiwan ? How long are you there for Alex ?

Good luck guys and kick ass !!

Wish I was there

How did Pecker get out of the country?

Mr. Gasson,
Taiwan eh?

Not that far..... you could stop by on your way to or from..

Email me

You know who....

Clicked send without saying the TT fan club here is alive and well and growing hahahahaah

Kick ass guys and good luck!!!!

The Prince of Egypt

4 for 4 at TKO!!!!!!!!
ttt for team tompkins