Team Tompkins

I just had a question for the people who train at Team Tompkins. I was just reading his interview, and something came to mind. Before leaving to train the Team Quest guys, did Tompkins teach alot of classes at the gym or mostly just do private lessons for the pro fighters and other people instruct the classes?

Little bit of everything. He taught a ton of classes and had a ton of privates daily. Depending on the schedule and what is being taught, Mark, Sam, Horodecki, BB2, Lorenzo and numerous others will teach classes if needed.

Does he still come back and teach classes, or is he 100% at the other gym now?

I will be traveling back and forth but spending 65% of my time in Southern California.

Cool, glad to see your not ditching Canada.

Sounds good! The Team Tompkins guys are really going to get to the next level now with this. We've always known them to be excellent strikers, but now their wrestling is going to be amazing as well. This seems like an amazing move for the team, i'm expecting big things. Plus hopefully Baroni can bring your trash talk to the next level as well!

Never gonna ditch Canada.

I miss it so much, but I have been running a gym there for 13 years and building Martial Arts. I have to do something for myself as well. Thanks for supporting me everybody. Especially my students.

Shawn was always teaching. That includes everyone at the gym. While some coaches may only work with their top guys Shawn worked with EVERY one in the gym.

A real hands on guy.

Props to you sokescrog for following you dreams and succeeding. I wish you much success and look forward to watching you entertain us fans in the ring or cage some day soon.

the one time i went by i worked with nick rondinelli and the guy knows his stuff..

Great giys and great coaches at team tompkins,Always someone there to help you out.

Nice to see canadians making progress in the sport..fighers and/or trainers, and of course FANS!! :)

I can honestly say the years I lived in london were the best years of my life, it's awesome to see things going so good, me, pecker, and sokescrog were in some interesting situations, all the best boys...