Teams revealed for TUF Latin America

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Teams of Velasquez and Werdum are disclosed to compete in TUF Weight-cocks and featherweights Mexico will face rivals from across Latin America - Brazil less - on the show, which will be shot in Las Vegas, USA.

The UFC announced on Wednesday the compositions of the teams TUF Latin America, which will be captained by American Cain Velasquez and the Brazilian Fabricio Werdum. The event will take Mexican fighters led by the heavyweight champion of the UFC facing athletes from around the rest of Latin America - Brazil less - led by Werdum, will be shot in Las Vegas, and totally spoken in Spanish. The coaches will face off in the match for heavyweight belt at UFC 180, which takes place in Mexico City, November 15th.

Check out the two teams:


Henry "Bure" Briones (13-4-1)
Alex "Diablito" Perez (13-4)
Jose Alberto "Teco" Quiñones
Masiosare Fullen

Gabriel "Moggly" Benítez (16-4)
Rodolfo "Fito" Pérez Rubio (12-6)
Marco Antonio "Psycho" Beltran (5-2)
Yair "Pantera" Rodriguez (2-1)

TIME WERDUM (Latin America)

Guido "Ninja" Martin Cannetti, Argentina (5-1)
Marlon "Chito" Vera, Ecuador (5-1-1)
Bentley Syler Bellot, Bolivia (5-0)
Freddy "Profe" Serrano, Colombia

Alexander "Roll" Torres, Colombia
Humberto Brown, Panama (4-4)
Diego Rivas Andrés Figueroa, Chile (5-0)
Leonardo "Chimmy" Morales, Nicaragua (4-0)

Seemingly not a lot of in-ring experience on Werdum's team.

Would I be correct in assuming that MMA is still in its early stages in parts of Latin America (excluding Brazil obviously)? Phone Post 3.0

Wanderlei is retarded, seriously! Go ahead Wanderlei, family, and trainers. Send him in there to get KTFO again. Fuck his health! Go ahead...


Fuck you to anyone who thinks that is a good idea. 

I'll be rooting for Cains team seeing as my dad is from Mexico City hopefully some of these guys are good prospects we will see. Phone Post 3.0

TUF weight cocks Phone Post 3.0

Intriguing matchups:

Pantera vs Psycho
Chimmy vs Roll
Diabolito vs Ninja